Introducing Rachel Shabalin

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This is the inaugural post by the incoming Zeugmatic RA Rachel Shabalin, an English major at the University of Calgary. Rachel brings a fresh perspective to the project, as this post (about her journey into DH) makes clear.

The summer after high school I felt tranquil—I was officially free from the torture of finding the value of “x.” The world harmonized. Mathematics was a fading, distant memory—or so I thought! During the first year of my English degree, I found home in the ambiguous and paradoxical, and rhetoric’s refusal to make “logical” sense only made me dig deeper. Feeling new questions pulling on my perception, fraying the familiar answers, I found myself in a new world. The desire to write creatively swept over me. Words and sounds were fragments and pieces I arranged, and whether I was aware of it or not, my poetry appropriated and followed patterns. Although I felt liberated from what I understood as the mathematical, little did I know I was working within patterns (math), networking and translating signs (language) into meaning.

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