Introducing Theresa Kenney

[With this, the Zeugmatic welcomes our new research assistant Theresa Kenney, who has guest-blogged for us before. Theresa and Rachel Shabalin will work on different facets of the project, and will blog their discoveries periodically.]

Upon entering university, I pictured what I could learn from my degrees (English and Political Science): grammar, international relations, early 19th century literature, and world domination. They seemed to have matched my interests and were seemingly feasible to learn at the University of Calgary.

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Research Assistant(s) Wanted

Dr Michael Ullyot is hiring 1-2 research assistants for the 2013-14 academic year to work on a digital humanities research project. The Zeugmatic is a text-analysis tool to automate the detection of rhetorical figures — particularly, patterns of repetition and variation in Shakespeare’s language. (For details, see < >.) Candidates must be in Calgary from mid-August for ~ 15 hrs / wk; and from September onward for ~ 5 hrs / wk.

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